Planned Giving

People with developmental disabilities can benefit greatly from your planned giving. Consider placing the Mountain Lake Services Foundation in your will, or setting up another planned giving opportunity. Mountain Lake Services Office would be happy to assist you with discussing the many planned giving options available.


By planning your gift, you can make a much bigger contribution to the foundation and people with developmental disabilities without having to make a large contribution today. In addition, there may be various tax benefits for different planned giving options available.


Charitable Remainder Trusts

Charitable remainder trusts are individually invested and managed by a trustee of your choice. You or your designated beneficiary benefit from ongoing income and an immediate tax advantage, while Mountain Lake Services benefits from the funds that remain upon the death of you or your beneficiary.


Gift Annuities

A gift annuity gives you income for life. You may claim an attractive tax deduction at the time of your investment. A portion of the annuity income is often exempt from Federal income tax. A deferred gift annuity, in which you defer income until a specified age, offers a significant tax alternative to those no longer able to take advantage of Individual Retirement Accounts.


Gifts & Bequests (e.g. Real Estate and Other Assets)

Your gift of real estate or other capital assets (e.g. art, jewelry, antiques, etc.) can be sold for our immediate benefit, or in certain circumstances, be given to Mountain Lake Services Foundation for future sale, or displayed in our homes.


On June 30, 2003, Mr. Slayton Underhill visited with his cousin, Mr. Slayton Altenberg, who came to the Cross St. IRA in Schroon Lake, NY along with his friend Jan. Mr. Altenberg arrived with two beautiful oil paintings of Mr. Underhill's mother and father, painted by Mr. Slayton Underhill, Sr., a noted portraitist. (photos, etc.)


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